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I created JSC (Jersey Shore Cosmetics), a non-toxic beauty brand which include a kids line and a mens grooming line. My objective was to offer all natural, cruelty-free products for the whole family. I also wanted to teach that natural beauty and radiance could come from within through proper nutrition and the use of simple, well formulated [non-toxic] products.

Admittedly, I was a bit naive when I launched the company. I am a seasoned professional when it comes to non-toxic beauty, skincare and makeup application. I did however, have much to learn about the startup side of the business. There were many stumbling blocks and set backs in the beginning.

Finding all natural formulators that were willing to work with a start up (with limited funds and big dreams) was a challenge. The cost of product development and production was enormous. Selling all of my worldly goods wasn’t good enough but it was a start. Let’s fast forward through the many obstacles and betrayals to the present. To answer some frequently asked questions:

Lipovyn Garcinia When I got started, I joined SCORE, a national network of small business mentors. There, advisors and peers introduced me to some more pretty cool people who gave me contacts for major formulators and manufacturers. I was turned away again and again by major manufactures because I couldn’t afford to run the high minimum quantities that they required, so I set forth searching for smaller all natural formulators and herbalists.

Did I meet some pretty uncool people along the way? You bet. I’ve had manufacturers “lose” my merchandise because they couldn’t follow through with what they promised. I’ve had some do shoddy craftsmanship which would reflect poorly on my company if I hadn’t handled the situation properly.

What exactly was I looking for in a formulator and how would I position my company so that it gets seen and heard in a very crowded and noisy demographic?

I wanted formulators who were educated and who used all natural, organic and petrochemical- free ingredients. They had to be cruelty-free and eco-conscious as well as honest and knowledgeable. In addition, I wanted the products to be something that was useful and necessary. I would work on getting that product seen and heard in order to gain brand recognition, and then work from there.

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